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Shiva ParbatiShiva Linga

Mount Kailash & Mansarover Inner Kora Yatra 2016

Most Hindus believe Mount Kailash holey tour to be the exclusive abode of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parbati. It is believed that completing the pilgrimage to Kailash and Mansarover, one can attain the ultimate salvation   from all the known and unknown sins ever committed in life. This arduous pilgrimage to Kailash the Darshan (divine view) of Shiva’s abode is to get cleansed from the clutches of ignorance & delusion of life.  Every year thousands of Hindu pilgrims from across the globe visit the holy mount Kailash and Mansarover Lake, situated in the China’s Autonomous Region of Tibet.

A sacred home to Mount Kailash and Mansarover Lake, Tibet is one of the most visited pilgrimage destinations in the world for all the Hindu, the Buddhist, the Jain and the Bon devotees. It is the cynosure of beauty and a place that every person aspires to be once in their lifetime.
Elevated at 6714 meters, Kailash Parbat (the snow-capped rocky peak) is undoubtedly the holiest abode of the supreme Hindu God; Lord Shiva is also believed to be a place where the founders of Tibetan Buddhism, Jainism and Bonpo religions once resided.  The Hindus and the Buddhists all over the world worship this peak as the precise "Centre of the Universe".

Mansarover Lake:  Derived from the Sanskrit language the word “mana” means mind or consciousness an instrument to enlightenment and “sarovar” means Lake. Conclusively, Mansarover means the Lake of one’s spirit. Mt. Kailash lies beside the most sacred Hindus Lake of Mansarover (4580m). It has a deep spiritual influence and an age long religious significance for both the Hindus and the Buddhists.  According to the legends, one can purge oneself from all the sins of life by making one to three rotations of the Lake. In order to attain “moksha” the ultimate salvation in life, one has to reach at least the vicinity of the Kailash and Mansarover. As the Mecca is to the Muslims and the Islam so are the Kailash and Mansarover to the Hindus. According to the Holy Scriptures, even a single dip into the Lake of Mansarover can free you from the chain of this mortal life and secure your place in heaven. This Lake is so gigantic that it takes three full days to just go through its circumference. The eternal simmering ripples of the Lakes enthrall the visitors with an indelible memory for life.  Monterosa is the only such Travel Company which leaves no stones unturned to make your pilgrimage one of the greatest experiences of life. Please allow us to be at your service at all times and places

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