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Mount Kailash with Lhasa Inner Kora Tour

Kailash Inner Cora Tour

Full moon night in Manasarovar Lake on 07 August 2018 (Janai Purnima)

The administrative capital of Tibet autonomous region of the People’s Republic of China, Lasha is a beautiful city lying at an altitude of 3650 meters from the sea level. Lhasa has many historic interest including the ancient Potala Palace, Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery, Jokhang Temple and the Norbulingka . Lhasa Bazaar is an interesting place to visit if you want to explore the local people's life style and culture.

With the superb natural scenery of the great Himalayan range including the views of the highest peak Mount Everest you will reach Lhasa after one hour flight via China Southwest Airlines from Kathmandu. Our escort will handle all the immigration and custom formalities at Gonggar Airport. After two hours drive to Lasha exceeding 93 kilometers we will reach the hotel for the night stay. We will be spending next two days in exciting sightseeing in the city and the Barkhor Bazaar.

Beautiful settings of Tibetan Highlands and the Yarlung Tsangpo river valley is observable on the way. Encompassing the holy Kailash Parbat, you will be taken to the sacred Mansarovar Lake lying about 15 meters below the Kailash. It takes three days to circumambulate the Kailash region that will bring our tour to an end. After accomplishing the Kailash Kora (circuit) you will be driven back to the Miteri Bridge (Friendship Bridge), from where you will have a coach to drive you back to Kathmandu. This is how we will come to an end of our holy tour.

Kailash-The Mysterious Holy Peak; Mt. Kailash situated at an elevation of 6714meters is considered to be the sacred abode of the gods and goddesses and the “Exact center of the entire universe”. It is the holiest mountain of all. This mountain is popular also for its unique four sheer walls like appearance with snow capped top as like that of a handle of a millstone. The cleft on its Southern part intersected by a series of rocks forms a sacred Buddhist symbol called 'Swastika'. Mt. Kailash is referred to as “Kang Rimpoche”, literally meaning “Jewel of Snow” by the Tibetan locals. Hindu religious people relate this mountain to “Mt. Meru” or “Mt. Sumeru” of Hindu mythology. According to ancient Hindu scriptures, Mt. Meru is a mountain lying in the Himalayan range with its four faces made of four different jewels (gold, crystal, ruby and lapis lazuli), where gods resided and from where four prominent rivers namely The Brahmaputra, The Indus, The Ganges and The Sutlej originated. Mount Kailash as Mount Meru is believed to be the axis of the Universe. Kailash Parbat is considered as a divine place by the devotees belonging to four different religions-Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Bonpo, with a belief that the founders of these religions had once meditated and resided in this holy mountain. Thus every year thousands of devotees from across the world pour into this mountain to pay homage to the god residing there.

Sapta Rishi cave: Early in the morning start walking from Darchen to Serlung Gompa. Once we reach Serlung Gompa, in the next 10 minutes walk, we reach Astapad. There we see the Astapad, a spectacular mountain amphitheatre at the base of Mount Kailash. Walk to Sapta Rishi cave, Darshan Atmalingam, visit Sapta Rishi cave & Darshan Sapta Rishi Cave. Nandi Kora is not easy; we need to be very fit for walking & rock climbing near the Sapt Rishi cave. Here we can see Saptrishi cave and 13 Chhurten. After the 10 minutes climb up and then can see Sardung Chuksum La pass 5858m. We need mountain guides for this trip and they will put rope and carry some emergency oxygen for the yatri / travelers. You will feel easy for doing this trip with professional mountain guides. After the Nandi Kora, we will return to Serlung Gompa and then continue to Darchen to spend the night. Serlung Gompa -Saptarishi Cave/ Atma Lingam / Nandi Parikarma is 13 kilometers far. As described in the Hindu myth, a person who moves around the Kailash Parbat, we will be free from all the sins committed in life. It is believed that if they move round the Parbat for 108 times, they directly get Nirvana. It is also said a person who moves Nandi once, gets an equal fruit of rotating the Kailash for 13 times.

Lake Manasarovar: Mansarovar; composed of two Sanskrit words “Manas” meaning mind or consciousness and Sarovar meaning Lake is believed to be the source of knowledge and wisdom by the devotees. This lake lying 15 meters below the Holy Mount Kailash is also another pilgrimage destination in the Kailash range. It is situated 4580 meters above the sea level. It is not any easy trail to rotate the gigantic lake as it takes almost three full days to go around its relatively circled peripheries. Tracing back the religious significance it is not only important to Hindus but Buddhists also believe that Lord Buddha meditated nearby this lake to attain the enlightenment. The praying and chanting of the monks and high lamas on the shore of the lake inspires the devotees to complete their arduous rotation. One to three rotations is believed to be the way of carving the way towards heaven after death. Even one dip into its cold water is believed, by Hindus, to relinquish the soul and physical body of all its sins, sickness and diseases. The serenity of the spiritual environment compensates the tiredness, anxiety and fear with the reward of satisfaction and peace from within and rest of the world to the pilgrims visiting here. Many others also come to take a bath with the desire to become Youthful and strong forever. The Travel Company Monterosa Treks and Expedition is the most reliable with the best service for you to make your Yatra a lifetime memory. Here is our itinerary for the holy trip this year. Please allow us to serve you. We are always ready at your service. Meeting point: Arrival day pickup from Kathmandu airport scheduled to your arrival timetable

Meeting point: Arrival day pickup from Kathmandu airport scheduled to your arrival timetable

Important highlights

  • Kailash tour, from Horchu to round / Kora Mansarovar Lake will be transfer local bus use; it is fallow local rule and regulation Darchen.
  • Kailash Parikrama/Kora/round will be 53kilometer and must walk/trek from Yamdwar to Chongdo which is 38km, there is no any car/bus and jeep. It is possible hire pony and local porter for 3 days.
  • Most of guest house, lodges or mud houses are very basic service during Kailash tour/Yatra
  • Age limit for Kailash tour 12-69 year old for Indian passport holder. No need any heath certificates from doctor but you should be fit for Kailash and Mansarovar tour.
  • Passport valid 6 month or more Date of travel.
  • There is no any Temple of Lord Shiva in Kailash region. We can see the temple of Lord Ram, Sita and Laxman called Khojarnath Temple which is 85 km far in the southern side of Lake Mansarovar.
  • It is compulsory for those Yatri / tourist who want to round Manasarovar Lake, from Horchu - Darchen - Yamadwar - Darchen – Horchu to use Eco vehicle blue bus which you can get from Nagri Tourism of Bureau



01 August 2018 Day 01: Arrival Kathmandu & transfer to Hotel
02 August 2018 Day 02: Prepare visa and briefing Kailash tour
03 August 2018 Day 03: Fly to Gonggar airport, drive to Lhasa
04 August 2018 Day 04: Sight-seeing Potala place & Bharkhor
05 August 2018 Day 05: Drive Lhasa to Shigatse 3782m.-hotel
06 August 2018 Day 06: Drive Shigatse-Saga 4300meter-hotel
07 August 2018 Day 07: Drive Mansarovar lake full moon night
08 August 2018 Day 08: Morning Puja & lunch drive to Darchen
09 August 2018 Day 09: Drive Yamdwar, start walk to Dirapuk
10 August 2018 Day 10: Trek to Dolmala 5636m.& Zuthul Puk
11 August 2018 Day 11: Trek to Chongdo and drive to Darchen
12 August 2018 Day 12: Saptarishi cave, Nandi kora - Darchen
13 August 2018 Day 13: Drive to Dongba, Saga and Nyalam
14 August 2018 Day 14: Drive Zhangmu continue Kathmandu
15 August 2018 Day 15: Transfer to airport for final departure

Kailash TourCost: NRIs or Tourists:

5 Star Radisson Hotel in Kathmandu, 3 star Lhasa, Xhigatse, Saga, Nyalam
Mount Kailash with Van 5-7 seats / Hiace 8-14 seats (Tourist / NRIs group)

02 Persons, per person USD 4200
03 Persons, per person USD 3700
04-06 Persons, per person USD 3000
07-10 Persons, per person USD 2800
11 Persons, more, per person USD 2700
Single Supplementary USD 400
Kathmandu Lhasa flight cost USD 500
Tibet visa fee USD 85 and American USD 175

Indian passport holder:

Indian tourist INR 1, 60, 000 per person (minimum 17 person/ deluxe bus)
Kathmandu Lhasa flight cost INR 31,000 Per Person (more or less)

NRIs or tourists:

4 Star deluxe hotel in Kathmandu, 3 stars Lhasa, Xhigatse, Saga, Nyalam
Mount Kailash with Van 5-7 seats / Hiace 8-14 seats (Tourist / NRIs group)

02 persons, Per Person USD 4000
03 Persons, Per Person USD 3500
04-06 Persons, Per Person USD 2900
07-10 Persons, Per Person USD 2700
11 Persons or more, Per Person USD 2600
Single Supplementary USD 350
Kathmandu Lhasa flight cost USD 500
Tibet visa fee USD 85 and American USD 175

Indian tourist INR 1, 55, 000 per person (minimum 17 person deluxe bus)
Kathmandu Lhasa flight cost INR 31,000 Per Person

NRIs or tourists:

Kailash Tour3 Star Hotel Kathmandu, 3 star hotel Lhasa, Xhigatse, Saga, guest houses
Mount Kailash with Van 5-7 seats / Hiace 8-14 seats (Tourist / NRIs group)

02 persons, per person USD 3800
03 Persons, per person USD 3400
04-06 Persons, per person USD 2800
07-10 Persons, per person USD 2600
11 Persons or more, Per Person USD 2450
Single Supplementary USD 300
Tibet visa fee USD 85 and American USD 175

Indian tourist INR 1, 50, 000 per person (minimum 17 person deluxe bus)
Kathmandu Lhasa flight cost INR 31,000 per person (more or less)

Cost Includes

  • Kailash TourArrival Kathmandu, transfer- hotel, evening Arati Darshan 
  • Visits to Pashupatinath and Budhanilkantha (Jal Narayan)
  • 3 night hotel in Kathmandu (double-bed sharing basis)full  
  • Fly KTM  to Gonggar airport & transfer to Lhasa city, Tibet
  • Guided Sightseeing  Potala Palace, visit Bharkhor Bazaar
  •  Drive to Xhigatse, Saga & meet Nepali staff from overland
  • Saga to Kailash tour breakfast, lunch, dinner make by staff
  • Lhasa, Xhigatse meals  in local restaurant (full vegetarian)
  • After Saga meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner) pure Vegetarian
  • Hotel in KTM,  Lhasa to Saga, guest house & mud houses
  • Tibetan guide, Nepali team leader  fluently speak  English
  • Cook who can prepare Indian dishes as your requirement
  • Cook helper, assistant guide for Mount Kailash tour /Yatra
  • Van 5-7 seats /  Hiace 8-14 seat  for NRIs/foreigner tourist
  • Deluxe luxury air condition coach -  Indian passport holder
  • Permit for Astapad, Saptarishi cave and Nandi Parikrama
  • Fix rope and experience mountain guide   for  Nandi Kora
  • Support truck for carrying Kailash tour food  & Nepali staff 
  • We have oxygen cylinder, mask- regulator emergency use
  • We take basic first-aid-kit box altitude sickness dimox
  • Duffel bag, complete tour certificate -  Kailash (If required)
  • Kailash travel permit and Tibet visa  Mt. Kailash tour Yatra
  • Deluxe tour -3 star hotel Lhasa, Xhigatse, Saga & Nyalam

Cost Excludes

  • Kailash TourPersonal expenses Kailash
  • Rescue expense if required
  • All personal equipment
  • Visa & re-entry visa for Nepal
  • Tips for staff, drives, guide
  • Extra cost for natural disaster

Packing list for Kailash Yatra

  • Yama DwarSmall  back pack for 3 days Kailash Parikrama
  • Enough warm clothing for Kailash Yatra  /  tour
  • Basic medicines (minor injuries or life saving kits)
  • Regular medicines that you have been prescribe
  • Toiletries kit (Shop, Shampoo, Toothpaste brush)
  • Water bottle / Thermos flask, hot water (2 litters)
  • Sport shoes good for walk, gloves, torch light
  • Woolen socks (minimum 4 pairs), Sunglasses
  • Thermo cot undergarment, sun lotion, cold cream
  • (Shirt ,pants which is easier to be while do Kora)
  • Rain coat or Umbrella, walking stick for 3 days 
  • Sweets, Zinger/garlic candies, dry fruits and etc

Tour Cancellation policy

  • Cancellation made up to 30 days before the trip departure will incur a 25% fee of the total trip cost
  • Cancellation made up to 7 days before the trip departure will incur a 50% fee of the total trip cost
  • Cancellation made less than 1 week before departure/upon arrival in KTM will be charged full price

Important Pre-Departure Information                                                                                     Kailash Introduction

Booking Procedure                                                                                                                       Kailash Booking Form

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