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Cow Festival (GAI JATRA) Tour 2016

According to the lunar calendar this festival Gaijatra falls in the dark fortnight (Bhadra Krishna pakchhya -August) the next day of the Janaipurnima festival. This festival is observed grandly in Katmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan cities. People decorate the cow and small children like a joking cartoon and walk throughout the city in small groups. It's believed that if this festival is celebrated in this way with the help of cow, the deceased persons' soul who has died during the year, will get chance soon to rest in the heaven; and he will bless us a lot of good luck from there. Cow is respected like our own progenitor mother in the Hindu religion.

After our death there are many horrible places for us to cross to reach in the heaven. If we are sinful we fall in the peep kunda (Pus' pond) where all the rubbishes like the snizzles, urine latrine and so many other stench stinking things consist there. Scriptures say if we have done sin in our life we can't get out of this horrible place to reach in the heaven; so if we worship to cow on this day in this manner, immediately our dead relatives will get way to cross this stench emanating ugly place if they have fallen there; and get way to go in the heaven. Also, there is the vast sea called Baitarani to cross to reach the heaven; which we can cross only by the help of the cow. If we are sinful we can't cross this place without the help of the cow; so people decorate cows in the name of their deceased relatives' and pray to god for their quick arrival in the heaven. People who doesn't have cow they decorate children in the name of their past souls.

Gai Jatra FestivalsAlso in Nepal this day is famous as a humor satirical day as well. The newspapers publish many mocking cartoons and statements denoting mostly to the political figures of the country. Comedians organize ticket shows and demonstrate farcical and funny skits in theatres. Another aspect of this Gaijatra is prevailed to say as a proverb in our society. That is, if some thing is seen unplanned and messy in our house then the people say "Don't show Gaijatra" means don't keep any thing unplanned in the house or yourself. The demonstration of cartoon children lasts for a week in the valley.

Also some elderly persons say on this festival that, once King Jagat Prakash Malla's queen had become very seriously sad for the cause of her son's death. So the King ordered to demonstrate some farcical cartoons to appease the queen; and the people started to show such kind of parodies for the queen's amusement as per the king's order. But it seems more religious valued to this fete than the king's for this festival's celebration.

GAI JATRA - Cow Festival Tour

Cow Festival in NepalItinerary:

29 August 2016 Day 01: Arrival Kathmandu & transfer to hotel
30 August 2016 Day 02: Visit Kathmandu Durbar Square (See Cow festival)
31 August 2016 Day 03: visit Bhaktapur and Patan Durbar Square
01 September 2016 Day 04: Visit Pashupatinath, Buddhanilkantha, Soyambunath
02 September 2016 Day 05: Visit Dashinkali, Chowvar, Kritipur
03 September 2016 Day 06: Drive to Chitwan National Park for Jungle Safari tour
04 September 2016 Day 07: Full day continue program
05 September 2016 Day 08: Morning – Bird watching –Breakfast, drive to Kathmandu
06 September 2016 Day 09: Transfer to airport for final departure


Cow FestivalCost: Deluxe tour (5 Star Hotel)
1 Person USD 1395
2 Per Person USD 1195
3-4 Person, Per Person USD 1095
5-8 Persons, Per Person USD 1050
9-12 Persons, Per Person USD 1000
13-16 Persons, Per Person USD 950
Single Supplementary USD 300

Cost Upper Standard tour (4 Star Hotel)
1 Person USD 1195
2 Per Person USD 1075
3-4 Person, Per Person USD 1000
5-8 Persons, Per Person USD 950
9-12 Persons, Per Person USD 900
13-16 Persons, Per Person USD 850
Single Supplementary USD 250

Cost Standard (3 star hotel)
1 Person USD 1100
2 Per Person USD 1000
3-4 Person, Per Person USD 950
5-8 Persons, Per Person USD 900
9-12 Persons, Per Person USD 875
13-16 Persons, Per Person USD 850
Single Supplementary USD 250

If extra service required:
Everest Flight INR 7000 or USD 206 per person

Cost Includes

  • Durbar Square6 nights hotel in Kathmandu with bed & Breakfast
  • 2 nights 3 days in Chitwan National park full board Safari tour
  • Kathmandu – Chitwan – Kathmandu Land transfer
  • Guided sightseeing in Kathmandu valley
  • all activities program in Chitwan National park with guided safari
  • Special for cow festival (Gai Jatra)
  • All entrance Permit of sightseeing in Kathmandu
  • Fare well dinner with song and dance.

Cost Excludes

  • Personal Expenses
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Bar &  Beverage bills
  • Tips
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