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TEEJ RISHI PANCHAMI – Hindu Women Festival Tour 2016

Teej Festival Tour

This festival falls on the second day of September full moon fortnight (August) and lasts for four day. It's called the Rishipanchami as well. A very grand spectacular feu de joie takes place at Pashupatinath temple and in the different parts of the country. Especially this festival is only for the women's festival and the women only get the government holiday on this day. Holy Purans say that "On this day the Himalayas' daughter Goddess mother Parvati had received Lord Shiva as her consort after a long time of penance and devotion. Because of achieving desired husband, this day is believed to be celebrated as a Goddess mother Parvati's happiness and ecstasy-expressing day.

On the first day of the festival the people eat sweet vegetarian items especially prepared by milk and yogurt. Yogurt is an indispensable item to celebrate this festival, which is called Dar- Khane; and it should be eaten with yogurt. Especially this festival is for the sisters reading day by their brothers. So the brothers go to their sisters' houses to invite them at their houses with high regard feed them very well. If some one doesn't go to invite their sisters on this day then they become very unhappy and sing the mournful songs to express their anxieties. Those who are invited sing the melodious songs; and those married girls who are not allowed to go to their parent's house, even if their brothers come to take her there; they also sing the afflicted songs. On the Darkhane day they eat joyously very much because they should stay fasting throughout the next twenty-four hours. After the next twenty-four hours; they complete the Panchami Puja by inviting and donating to the Brahmin priest; then only they eat. So this is a little bit hard fasting. Aftter taking the Dar; on the next day they wake up early in the morning; take a holy bath or dip in the river; then enjoy singing and dancing throughout the day. Thousands of devotees throng to Pashupati on this day for to celebrate. They get back to their house in the evening and start the cultural program again and continue it until they get sleep. The next day is called the Chaturthy and then only they eat food. On the Panchami day they invite to the Bhraman Priest; complete the religious worship; donate him the donations; then only they eat. There is another interesting legend too regarding to this festival.

Teej FestivalsIn an ancient time there was a Bhramin named Sudev who could understand the animal's language as well. Once he was observing his father's "Shrada". Shrada is the religious performance, which is done exactly in the death day of the deceased person for his commemoration. It's done calling to the Bhramin Priest; and the Priests receive donations and foods after its completion. Mythology believes that if the sons of the deceased person complete this Shrada once in a year on his death day; they will receive good omen from their past ancestors for the good life. So in Hindu communities the Bhramins and the Chhetris do this religious rite as per the tradition. When Sudev was doing his father's Shrada out side his house; a serpent sneaked inside his kitchen while there was no one there except a female dog out side the door. Some delicious items were prepared by his wife for the Shrada to feed the Brhraman and for their family members as well. Precaution! Meat items are never prepared in the Shrada time because meat; fish; egg; garlic; and onions are impious items for any pious religious functions in the Hindu religion. The serpent left his venoms in food and disappeared from there. When the bitch saw that she thought of saving the Sudev family and went in the kitchen to lick the food items. When Sudev's wife saw the bitch licking the food; she immediately hit to the bitch with a strong club and made her lame. The whole food became impure because the scriptures believe that; while once the dogs; chickens, cats touch only the pious religious foods the moment it becomes impure because these animals eat human excreta. The Bhramin's wife threw all the prepared items and cooked the next items. Then the bitch reached near the house's cowshed to rest where the oxen were kept.

Because of his long house hold cores Sudev couldn't go to put the fodder the oxen in time: he only went to put the fodder after his evening meal. While he was going towards the cowshed he heard the two animals the cow and the bitch confabulating each other. They were saying to each other "We were this Bhramin's father and mother in an ancient time; that's why we have not eaten as yet since the whole families have eaten". The ox was the husband and the bitch was the wife. The bitch said to the ox "Oh husband! Today, one snake appeared in the kitchen and left his venom in the food; then for the fear of these families' death I went inside the kitchen to make impure the foods; Sudev's wife saw and made me lame by hitting me with a strong club; then I came to rest here; but any way I am his mother to save their life".

When Sudev Bhramin heard these dialogues of these two animals he became very sad to find his parents getting as a life of the animal. In fact they were his parents who had received the life of ox and bitch because of their some vices in previous life. So Sudev went straight away to a Prophet and narrated these phenomenons to him. The prophet said, "In her previous life your mother the bitch had committed vice by not barring the monthly menstruation; so she has to become the bitch's life here in this present birth; and your father has to become the ox's life. One very important thing I have explained here is that; the Hindu scriptures believes the three days' menstruation period of the women is believed to the very impious and dangerous as well. A menstruated woman must not conduct any kind of religious pious functions during these periods. If she touches any kind of vegetable plants, they dry slowly and become fruitless. If she does all of these impious deeds knowingly by herself she will become the shareholder of the sin. So the Hindu women try to practice these traditions sincerely for the fear of the sin. The ox, your father had not committed any sin but because of his wife's vice; he also has to become the ox's life. Husbands and wives are the integral parts of the body; so whatever the virtue and the vice commit by them; both of them will be shareholders. Sudev asked the Prophet for the virtuous functions to eradicate his parent's vices and to bring them back again in the human being's life. Because the scriptures say that the son who can't relieve their parents from suffering any kind of troubles; he will always fall in hell. So Sudev also was very much afraid of this religious belief.

The Prophet said that "In the Teej festival's Rishipanchami day; if your wife take bath in the holy river by some holy religious items; such as sesame; the mud from a Peeple's root; and Basil's root; gooseberry and ash; then your parent's sins will be disappeared and they will get the human being's life. More over she should worship to Saptarishis and offer them pious water; Saptarishis are Jamadagni; Bhardwaj; Bishawamitra; Bashistha; Kashyap; After and Gautami; and also to their wife Arunditi; the prophet advised to perform these religious rites by inviting the Bhramins; and also he should brush his teeth 365 times with the Datiwan shrub's stem. Sudev suggested his wife to do all of these rites sincerely to eradicate their parent's sins. So since then it's believed to be started the practice of this festival.

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