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Village Tour in Western Part of Nepal

Thingabari is a village of having high potential productive activity, situated at Dharan bazaar in the eastern zone of Nepal. It lies in ward no-5 of Panchakanya VDC. It can be reached via squatter's settlement after crossing Seuti River. It has high settlement of Chhetri castes but there are other castes, like: the Magar, Rai and Limbus as well. Agricultural products are grown here through out the year and because of being the people laborious here; the vegetables grown here are exported to Dharan, Itahari, Biratnagar and etc places. This scene here is of rice planting. After paddling as such, the rice is planted. On the day of planting, the oxen plough and the fields are puddle up. On the planting day; some people do tilling, some uproot the seedlings and some one do transferring the seedlings to the planters. This view is of the cooking foods for the rice planters. Foods are of different verities with pickle to satisfy the workers.

Dharan TourThis scene is of after 15 days which shows the village settlement greenery and some places are seen justly starting planting. This Thingamajig is the celestial place, situated on the lap of Quiver precipice, Takure and Nisan hill ; and in its east is the Panbari, Rajarani, on the north is Nisandanda, Devi than, Hardier, Telanpur and the Takure village; and the Dharan industrial municipal is in the west.

ThigabariIn this place; Paddy, wheat, maize and vegetables are produced. The rice grown here attracts to every body's mind. The green sceneries ripen paddies here, doesn't feel one to leave the village ever. It has legendary story to be called this place Thigabari. There is rectangular stone's pillar erected in the middle of the field here since the time immemorial; which is called Thiga; and because of situated in the field, this place has been estimated to be called Thingabari as per the anecdote till to date. Which stone has been carved with lord Ganesh; but it's uncertain to say exactly until day on who made this.

On Mangsir-18-2064, Mr. Mohan Rai built a temple in this carved Ganesh's pillar by his own expenses; and inaugurated; since then on every Saturday and Tuesday, the inhabitants around here worship here." In Koshi zone's Sunsari district itself, the famous temples like: Dantakali, Budhasubba are located. In Same manner, the famous pilgrimage: Baraha Chhetra also is located in this same Sunsari district itself. Every year, on Kartik full moon (Sept-Oct) and Maghe Sakranti (Jan-Feb), a very gigantic fair takes place here; and thousand of pilgrims throng here for Darshan (audience). The pilgrims come to worship and to take audience here firstly before to start their every auspicious puja and other ceremonies.

Due to that, since worshiping the Ganesh here, public's faith have been regarded as to be fulfilled their mind's wishes. Mr. Ganesh Neupane has written a song about this Thingamajig; to which, popular Singer Rajesh Payal Rai has vocal led and Thingabari has been tried to be introduced among the Nepalese people as well as foreigners. This Thigabari's feature documentary has been prepared by singer / Song album producer and Tourism business man Ganesh Neupane own self. Tour packages as fallows.



DDay 01: Arrival Kathmandu & transfer to hotel
Day 02: Guided sightseeing in Kathmandu valley
Day 03: Afternoonfly to Biratnagar & drive to Dharan – hotel
Day 04: Visit Dantakali temple, Buda Subba, Pindesory & visit Thigabari
Day 05: Drive to Bhedetar & excursion, drive to Biratnagar, fly to Kathmandu
Day 06: Transfer to airport for final departure

Cost Standard Package Tour

1 Persons – Per Person USD 775
2-6 Persons, Per Person USD 695
7-10 Persons, Per Person USD 650
11-16 Persons, Per Person USD 600

Cost Includes

  • Bhedetaar Tour3 nights hotel in Kathmandu with bed and breakfast- 3 star
  • 2 nights hotel in Dharan with normal lodge
  • Guided sightseeing in Kathmandu valley
  • All entrance permit
  • Kathmandu – Biratnagar – Kathmandu flight ticket
  • All transfer Biratnagar – Dharan – Bhedetar – Thigabari -Biratnagar
  • Airport – hotel – Airport transfer
  • Fare well dinner with Nepali song & dance
  • Our service charge

Cost Excludes

  • Personal expenses
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Bar & beverage bills
  • Tip
  • Muktinath Tour
  • Muktinath Tour
  • Muktinath Tour
  • Muktinath Tour
  • Muktinath Tour
  • Muktinath Tour
  • Thingabari Tour
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