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Full board guided Cho Oyu & Everest north side expedition spring 2018

Full board guided Cho Oyu & Everest north side expedition spring 2016

Fixed Departure
09 April 2018

Austrian first climbs mount Cho Oyu in 1954. The Indian and German team also climbed this peak in 1958 and 1964 respectively. Till to date many expedition teams have successfully reached on its summit. Most of the mount Cho Oyu expedition teams climb from Tibet side due the easy technique-climbing route from there. Since 1998, our company "Monterosa Treks and Expedition" is also conducting the expedition from Tibet side.

Meeting and climbing information; Expedition begins when you arrive to Kathmandu where you meet our staffs of Monterosa Treks & Expedition in the airport and transfer you to hotel. Next day, we make introduction section with other climbing members & Expedition crews. Since then we make your Tibet visa and other necessary document for Cho Oyu Expedition.

After 3 day, we drive you towards Nepal-Tibet border up to the Friendship Bridge through Arnico Highway; where the Chinese liaison officer and Chinese transportation meet us there. The expedition gears go by truck but the members there Travel by Land cruiser 4wd or with comfortable Minibus. We take time to acclimatize with one night at Zhangmu (2300m) and two nights at Nylam (3750m), which also gives us the chance to trek up high hills for acclimatization. Next day we drive to Tingri (4350m) where we spend further two nights acclimatizing. Then we drive Tingri to Base camp 5000m along the rough way with jerking & bouncing experience through grassy plain which leads up to the Chinese base camp.

We set up our camp at Chop Oyu base camp and stay two nights or more, which depends on the feeling of our members. We also make schedules of the yaks by that time. Base camp is a temporary but comfortable affair with Nepali cook and dining tent. Now the two-day walk towards the advance base camp (ABC) begins.

ABC is in the heart of the Himalayas at 5700m; surrounded by celestial peaks. There is also the high pass called Nangpa La pass nearby which, an old but still used yak track trading route between Nepal and Tibet exists.

From ABC, we can see the superb scene of mount Cho Oyu. This is the main base camp and we plan to stay there for the longer duration also to look the favorable situation for the expedition. Every person gets his or her own tent. Our Service will be full board up to ABC and after that the climbers should manage all services by themselves. From ABC it is several hours of tough walking on a vague path over moraine-covered glacier to the start of the mountaineering properly. Camp 1 is either situated more or less on the ridge at 6400m and the real mountaineering starts from here. The ridge is now soft and easy enough for climbing, then it broadens out and you should climb successive huge steps, several of which probably require fixing a rope up there. You should fix a new rope in co-operation with other members on the mountain. Normally one rope is used for ascent and another for descent. Although the route is crevassed but normally these creates no problems.

Camp 2 is on the edge of a large plateau at 7125m although you can carefully assess where to put the rope. Depending on conditions and fitness you may attempt the summit from here, or you may establish a light Camp 3 across the plateau and up on a minor ridge at 7550m. Above Camp 3, there are two rocky steps where you fix another set of ropes prior to our summit ascent. Finally, you will start early in the morning from camp 3 for summit. Above the rock bands, the slopes are still steep and you may take a line to fix there, depending on conditions, however once on the crest of this ridge the terrain is straightforward although it is a long haul to the summit plateau. It is normal to descend to camp 2 from summit and to continue down to the advance base camp.

We drive Cho Oyu base camp to Tingri (4350m) then continue to Everest base camp 5200m. And it is called the Chinese base camp as well. We have set up our camp at Everest base camp and stay two nights or more that depends on our members' feeling. We also make schedules of the yaks by that time. base camp and advance base camp, fixed at the different places are kept there permanently and now it's two days to ABC from there.

After walking 2 days, we reach to ABC 6400m along with the Yaks. From ABC, the route goes to the east Rongbuk glacier and after that there is an easy snowy slope to the North Col at 7070m. Where camp 1 is situated on snow. After that there is a long angled snow slopes to climb 7900m., where we should put camp 2 on the snow with mixed rock. The route from camp 2 to camp 3 is the series of the rocks, which is a little bit difficult. From camp 3 to climb ahead to set up camp 3, this camp 3 is at the height of 8300m. On the slopes rock. From camp 3 to target North summit and last evening start climbing for final summit. The route again goes through a series of rocky climbs, and then there is a median angled snow slopes where we have to climb on joint rocks and snow until we reach camp heights of 8400m. To reach there, we have to fix the ropes on climbing but there are safety lines, which provide you safe place when you are tired and the wind seems windy there. This route is mostly very windy. Now the route is mixed with rocks and snow steps. This step is quite steep in many places; so you require very considerable care for yourself, to your clothing and oxygen equipments. After that, the North East Ridge is wide but we have to climb through small steps with a little bit height until we go ahead where we should fix the rope.

Above there the climbing is a little bit exposed but it is easy again to reach ahead in the second steps. After the second steps the route is in the series of small nude ridge, which is some time seems covered with snow. After that the route with large boulder where we should use ladder to climb ahead, Again after that section of the route, we should fix the rope. Above these steps, the route is relatively easy with gentle ground until we reach at the third steps. Now to go head it is not the series of ridge as the previous steps but we should use the fixed rope to the Col before the final summit of snowy slopes. Again there are quite steep and needed fixed ropes to go ahead to the buttressed rocks from where there is a short section of corniced ridge to reach on the Summit of Everest 8848m. It is heist point of Earth.

Mount Cho Oyu Lhasa Full board Expedition Entry/Exit Lhasa/Zhangmu
09 Apr 2018

Cho Oyu Submit
09 April 2018 Day 01: Arrival Kathmandu and transfer hotel 
10 April 2018 Day 02: Prepare expedition & apply visa Tibet
11 April 2018 Day 03: Prepare expedition-expedition briefing
12 April 2018 Day 04: Drive to Kodari &  Zhangmu- hotel
13 April 2018 Day 05: Drive Zhangmu-Nyalam 2750m.-hotel
14 April 2018 Day 06: Acclimatization- day hiking uphill–hotel 
15 April 2018 Day 07: Drive Nyalam - Tingri 4340meter-hotel 
16 April 2018 Day 08: Acclimatization - day hiking uphill-hotel 
17 April 2018 Day 09: Drive to base camp 5000m.-  camping 
18 April 2018 Day 10: Rest in Cho Oyu base camp -camping 
19 April 2018 Day 11: Prepared load for yak to ABC-camping 
20 April 2018 Day 12: Base camp-middle camp, yak-camping 
21 April 2018 Day 13: Middle camp - ABC 5700m. – camping 

25 April - 13 May 2018 Day 14-32: Climbing Mt. Oyu 8201m. 
14 May 2018 Day 33: ABC to Cho Oyu base camp - camping 
15 May 2018 Day 34: Drive to Everest B.C. 5200m.-camping
16 May 2018Day 35: Everest B.C. and prepare load for ABC
17 May 2018 Day 36: Base camp – middle camp  –  camping
18 May 2018 Day 37: Middle camp – ABC 6400m. – camping
19 -31 May 2018 Day 38- 50: Climbing Mount Everest 8848m.
01 June 2018 Day 51: ABC – Everest base camp –camping
02 June 2018 Day 52: Drive Everest B.C.- Zhangmu –hotel
03 June 2018 Day 53: Drive Kodari and Kathmandu – hotel
04 June 2018 Day 54: Free day in Kathmandu, Nepal -hotel
05 June 2018 Day 55: Transfer to airport for final departure

Cost: Minimum 5 persons or more

Per Person USD 35,500 (Cho Oyu + Everest North side )

Personal Bio Data Tibet Visa Form 1 Tibet Visa Form 2

Cost Includes

  • Tibet Cho Oyu Submit4 Nights 3 star hotel in Kathmandu with bed and breakfast
  • Professional staff: BC and ABC guide, cook, kitchen helper
  • Climbing permit Cho Oyu and Everest north side expedition
  • Tibet visa, road permit expedition Nepali staffs and climber
  • BC &  ABC dining-store, toilet, shower tent, table and chair
  • Full board Zhangmu-Nyalam, Tingri-breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • ABC 1 tent - 1 person north face/similar company -Cho Oyu
  • ABC 1 tent - 1 person north face / similar company- Everest
  • 1 Climbing Sherpa guide for 1 climber Cho Oyu and Everest  
  • 3 high tents north face or similar quality-camp 1,2,3 Cho Oyu
  • 5 Oxygen bottle with mask-regulator for 1 member in Everest
  • 3 Oxygen bottle with mask - regulator climbing guide Everest   
  • Climbing food, cooking gas, stove & cooking pot for Cho Oyu
  • Climbing food, cooking gas, stove & cooking pot for Cho Oyu
  • Expedition fixed rope charge for Cho Oyu and Everest 8848m.
  • Per person 40kg load is carry by yak from base camp to ABC
  • Per person 40kg load is carry by yak from base camp to ABC
  • Transfer Kathmandu-Kodari bridge-Kathmandu by tourist bus
  • Transfer Zhangmu-base camp -Zhangmu  by Jeep for climber
  • Truck for carrying Nepali staff, expedition food and equipment
  • Liaison officer, Interpreter for Cho Oyu and Everest Expedition
  • Life & medical insurance for expedition Nepali both expedition
  • Satellite phone service (pay call) per minute system world wide
  • Welcome Nepali dinner with folk songs & dance in Kathmandu

Cost Excludes

  • Entry and re-entry visa for Nepal
  • Summit bonus for guide USD 1500
  • Personal expenses for expedition
  • Medical & rescue insurance-climber
  • Personal equipment for climbing
  • Bar and beverage bills, extra bills
  • Medicine and first aid expenses
  • Permit fees for Walkie-Talkie
  • Tips for base camp and ABC staff

Extra Service Required
Russian oxygen 4 litters: USD 300 (re-fill)
Mask and regulator for: USD 500 (re-use)
Permit Satellite phone: USD 1500 per set (personal use - climber) 
Film permit for Cho Oyu USD 20,000 (small movie camera is free) 
Film Permit for Everest USD 30,000 (small movie camera is free) 

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